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About Us

We started off as one of our first food trucks in around January. We had no idea what we were getting into with this truck despite the fact that certain members of our family had experience in the restaurant and business industries, and we didn't have much money to invest in something new on. Several of our friends told us, "Food trucking is challenging! It requires far more work than a restaurant does ". We were nevertheless confident.


We walked the streets of Chicago for more than 2 years, treasuring each and every relationship we formed with a customer. But in all honesty, those 2 years were the worst of our lives. We appeared to be crushing the competition to the eye—there were lines around the block, our google page was exploding, and pictures and videos of us were being produced left and right. Little did our supporters know that we were in trouble. The truck would break down or require repairs every time we made money or did well. Every penny we earned was immediately reinvested in the generator, engine, electrical problems, plumbing problems, etc. We continue to take many risks and face challenges, but we are not afraid because we know that our supporters are with us.

The encouragement of our fans and clients keeps us going and pushes us to attempt something new every day. We appreciate you, whether you came on the first day we opened our truck or the last. Each meal, review, and reference you provided drew us a little bit nearer to this objective. We appreciate every one of you.



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