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100+ Food Truck Events in Chicago this Summer

Food trucks are the new generation. Or, rather, the new anything: from fashion to music to media and beyond, truck culture thrives in the digital age. And nowhere is that more evident than in the world of food. From gourmet grilled cheese and donut trucks to taco stands and everything in between, mobile eateries are popping up everywhere – even in cities as traditionally static as Chicago. But that’s not all. Food trucks thrive on a kind of synergy only found online – by posting their whereabouts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, they combine their resources with their audience. When one spots another with a big following or an especially hungry customer base, they strike up a partnership – giving rise to roaming networks of food trucks that appear at different locations on specific days.

In case you missed the rise of the food truck, let’s start with the basics. To narrow the field further, keep an eye out for the trucks with the most followers on social media. Chances are, they’re at the top of their game, and you can find their scheduled stops by checking their feed. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be on all the social media platforms to find your next great meal. You can also use online food truck directories like, which curates the events where food trucks gather in one place – making it easier than ever to sample the best of the best.

Why you should go to a food truck event

This summer, food truck events, and festivals are the main event for hungry crowds. These gatherings bring together a variety of food trucks and vendors under one roof, making it easy to sample bites from several different trucks at once. For the event organizers, these gatherings give them a great chance to sell tickets and make extra income. For the attendees, they offer a one-stop-shop to satisfy their cravings without ever having to leave the event. Plus, many of these events offer more than just-food. They may have live music or other performances and a special theme. They may also offer other activities that supplement the food, such as lawn games or arts and crafts. Food truck events often bring people together to share a meal, make new friends and maybe even find a potential new romance.

Chicago Food Truck Events in June

While many food truck events are seasonal, Chicago is warm enough to enjoy the outdoors year-round. So the summer is prime time for food truck gatherings, with almost every weekend packed with at least one gathering. June is no different. Here are just a few noteworthy events happening in Chicago this month. - Wicker Park Food Truck Festival - For one day, Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood becomes a hub of food truck vendors from all over the city. You can expect a wide variety of cuisines, with everything from tacos and burgers to ice cream and donuts. - Battery Park Beer & Bacon Fest - Taste of Lakeview - The Taste of Lakeview brings together Chicago’s biggest food trucks in one outdoor event. You can sample food from over 30 trucks from all over the city at this one-day food truck festival. - Chicago Hot Dog Fest - The Chicago Hot Dog Fest is a one-day hot dog eating contest and food truck festival that’s free to attend. At this event, you can sample a wide variety of hot dogs, along with other snacks, such as ice cream and fries.

Chicago Food Truck Events in July

Chicago’s food truck festivals don’t let up in the summer, with almost every weekend packed with a gathering of tasty trucks. Here are two of the most noteworthy food truck events happening in Chicago in July. - Wrigleyville Food Trucks & Beach Party - The Wrigleyville Food Trucks & Beach Party takes place outside the home of the Chicago Cubs. You can expect a wide range of cuisines, with everything from Mediterranean and burgers to tacos and Asian fusion. Plus, you can enjoy your meal on the sand at a beach party complete with music, games, and sand castles. - Lincoln Park Food Truck Festival - At the Lincoln Park Food Truck Festival, you can sample food from a wide range of food trucks. You can also enjoy music, games, and other activities, such as yoga and lawn bowling. There is also a special Kids’ Zone for families with young children.

Chicago Food Truck Events in August

There are plenty of food truck gatherings to keep you busy in August, too. Here are a couple of noteworthy events happening in the city this month. - Wrigleyville Food Trucks & Beach Party - The annual Wrigleyville Food Trucks & Beach Party returns to Wrigleyville. This food truck event features a wide range of cuisines, with everything from barbecue and burgers to tacos and Asian fusion. - Donut Fest - At the Donut Fest, you can sample a wide variety of donuts and other sweet treats. You can also enjoy other activities, such as lawn bowling and live music.

Final Thoughts

Food trucks are an affordable and convenient way to get a fresh, tasty meal during your lunch break. While they are a great option all year round, the best times to visit food trucks are during spring and summer when there are many food truck festivals happening. These events bring together food trucks from all over the city for one day of delicious food, baked goods, and other treats. If you are looking for something different to do, why not visit a food truck festival for an afternoon of food and fun?

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